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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

the right thing at the right time!

A perfect boiled egg, a chilled glass of iced tea in the blazing heat or finding the little notepad right next to the phone when you need it... small things... but they bring in an insurmountable surge of pleasure at times... time...hmmm that’s what it is.. it is timing that makes it all the more pleasurable... remember when we were kids and you really really wanted this particular toy car! With all kinds of thoughts and hopes you would open your birthday present...and.... well your parents decided to give you a board game! Oh! The Disappointment! But then just sneaking behind you is a glimpse of red, something shiny and voila! It’s that car!

Remember the joy that it would bring to you! The simple joys of receiving from life exactly what you wanted when you wanted stay with you forever as memories... off now to experience the joy of my morning... the perfectly boiled egg with some freshly brewed tea! Top ‘o the morning to you all!!! 

the intriguing & intimidating married life!

The other day one of my friends asked me how it feels to be married. Hmmm...well I don’t know what to say to that usually. Is being married dreamy, romantic, fairy tale like experience where you just gaze into your hubby’s eyes and you are lost...getting dolled up, a perfect house, a beautiful kitchen and the likes! Or is it a harsh reality where life slaps you with a filmy saas inspired from Lalita Pawar of ye old times, where she continuously passes sarcastic comments about how light your trousseau was, and you are washing vessels, clothes and cleaning the house and singing a melodramatic song much like Nirupa Roy! Or maybe it is like the Ekta Kapoor Bahu brigade, always heavily made up, wearing heavily sequinned saris, where you are the sati-savitri who has to undergo all kinds of tests of sacrifice and surrender all that’s dear to you in order to prove your innocence but all this while neither you make up or hairdo would suffer.

Well if ask me it’s an amalgamation of all these and more, some days you would get frustrated with the mess that your house is in, with tensions revolving around your bai, picking up after your husband all the time, you would be dolled up at times and have everything in place but at other times you would be in your nightshirt with bleach stains and some holes, there would be moments where you would feel like you are slogging off to no fathomable end or reason, but at times your prince charming a.k.a. your husband dearest would surprise you with small but significant gestures that would make your day look like straight out of a fairy tale.

In all, married life is no different than the life before it that has its fairy tale moments, Ekta Kapoor moments & Nirupa Roy episodes too, but what makes it special is that there are more people now to share these moments with.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

the agony of working on a Saturday!

I am one of those unfortunate ones who have to work on a Saturday. Those of you who share the agony would know what I mean when I say “unfortunate”. Most of my friend circle is in the league of “the fortunate ones” and have a two day long weekend.
So while everyone is either sleeping or trying to get rid of the Friday night hangover... I am punching keys of my keyboard... with vengeance I must say.
On Saturday my husband dear sleeps till late, wanders around aimlessly even if he is up and goes out of the way to make me jealous.
But I kind of have developed a defence mechanism where I take inspiration from the pigeon and close my eyes to all things unpleasant and imagine all is rosy...
Guess what?

 It doesn’t work at all. I spend the day cribbing and cursing those that enjoy the Friday night and spend the following morning in bed catching up on the week’s worth of sleep. But then such is life dearies... you have your Friday nights and Saturday and I have a job that I happen to love! ;)

Thursday, May 23, 2013

It's my mess... and I love it!

Like any other working woman my world starts crumbling when the maid doesn't show up. Unfortunately, today just happened to be one of those days. On a day like today ;) I take special care to not spill, scatter or throw anything mindlessly as I am the one who would have to clean up. I try to be more efficient in the kitchen by making a one pot dish and minimum mess. Onion peels, apple cores and potato skins all go to their rightful place, in the bin. That’s when it hits me! It’s not really that difficult. Just because I have someone to pick after me, I choose to make a mess of it all. Just like my life, in general. I have always had Baba to pick after my mess and all the crap that I pull, so I chose to do some real random stuff. Baba was always there to clean up all the randomness and arrange it all in neat lines of disciplined errands. And now, you may ask what do I do? Well, luckily for me, I ended up marrying someone who does exactly the same for me. So I continue to enjoy making random mess of situations, coz I have him to pick up after me!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

the proverbial drama monger!

These days my morning routine starts with a step on the weighing machine. Those of you, who do know me, know how much of a challenge that is for me. But as I do it every day it brings in me a unique level of satisfaction when I see the needle go a little to the left. Then there are those dreadful mornings when the needle slowly inches towards the right. And that is the day that I go online looking for healthy recipes, low calorie food and some tips and tricks of losing weight. It is an ongoing battle that I fight time and again. As I fight it tirelessly, with some days good and some bad I realise that it is almost sort of a disaster management. Not just in this case but in all other aspects of my life, only when things start getting out of hand do I start taking action... I believe it is the thrill of the eleventh hour that has smitten me and makes me crave the drama of it all... Well, even Cinderella ran right at the stroke of the clock not a minute before!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

to friends who judge without experiencing the stuff!!!

I work from home as a content writer; well I know your first reaction like everyone else...Oh! Part time job? Well no sir it is not, it actually is a double shift job where I work as a regular employee and keep punching in content for the office, meanwhile catering to the unending incessant demands of the household chores. Not to forget the odd farmaish from your hubby happily parked on his favourite couch flicking through the channels. There have actually been times when i have been on my toes for the entire day and still had to punch some more work on my laptop after dinner and well into the night. But I would be lying if I said I was this damsel in distress, victimized by work and home responsibilities. I kind of like the high strung experience of it all... I enjoy doing what I do; OK I do freak out at times and bite people’s head off for no reason, but that is simply because I am exhausted. I believe what really ticks me off and pushes me over the edge is the attitude people have when I say that I work from home. As if it is one of the most unimportant, lowly, casual and easy going thing in the world...well newsflash!!! The amount of discipline you need when you work from home is humungous and can be understood by only those that successfully carry it out. So my dear dear friends stop judging and experience before you make opinions...