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Monday, June 17, 2013

Lose control!!!!

To lose control is not a very great feeling for me... I have always been kind of a control freak. When I confront stuff that I cannot control, I get upset...very upset. It has always been in my nature to try and do everything to perfection, of course that doesn't happen often, and when it doesn't I really feel helpless much like a mother bird that comes home from her daily chores to find her egg lying broken on the hard floor. Just this morning, I in a span of 10 minutes dropped an entire box of cumin seeds on the ground, then forgot that the wok is on the burner as I was working and ended up burning my meal of the day. Needless to say, lost control and hated it. This time I lost control even after the deed was done!

Luckily for me and my darling Hubby, the sabji was just a tad crispy and not charcoal burnt. So with a successful dal makhani and a crispy arbi ki sabji, the meal was quite sumptuous I must say. At the end of every such incident though I always tell myself... it’s OK and sometimes may be even good to lose a bit of it leads to an unexplored world of fresh experiences you might have missed otherwise!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Act Your Age!

This is a funny world it is... where the little ones are dressed up as and supposed to behave like grown ups and the so called grown ups shed every responsibility and act like they are still teenagers in their behaviour clothing and general attitude towards life... Toddlers are expected to get all aces, be the best in all the co-curricular activities, teenagers are expected to know exactly where they are headed and choose a career path they would have to stick to for the rest of their lives! Sure they should know all this but isn't this the age to just chill for a bit and take it a little easier! Not sink under the load of worldly responsibilities!!!

I agree everyone should keep the child within alive, but is this the way!!! 45 yr olds fighting with their spouses over who is a better parent? Since when is that a competition, or 35 yr olds wearing clothes befitting a 15 yr old and expecting an oooh and aaah in appreciation... or 50 yr old men flirting with girls barely over 18 (for legal reasons) and think they are cool enough to carry it off! (Sir, that's creepy!)

Well, keep the child in you alive, by all means but let it be within...please act your age people... and let the little ones enjoy theirs...