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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

I have been dabbling with the concept of faith and belief for a long time... it has brought me much torment and torture as I have tried to understand the concept of relying on something or some force unknown and relinquishing control of a situation.
Frankly I still do not understand it completely. I have heard people claiming that it is their faith that kept them going and gave them strength when they had no where and no one to draw strength and support from. I have heard people say that it their faith that made them do the wonders that they did accomplish finally overcoming all hurdles and hardships. I have also heard people claim that it is their faith that brought their loved ones back from dead.
But sadly I have also heard people being looted, extorted, misled and exploited all in the name of Faith.
So where do we end up crossing the line? Where does faith stop being the unending reservoir of positive thoughts and strength and become the reason for inexplicable suffering.
In my experience the factor that draws the line is where do we chose to put our faith. The moment it is something unknown, inexplicable, unseen...the faith we have turns into a blind faith. A reservoir of opportunities for those of a twisted mind to take advantage and sadistic pleasure of.
I have Faith, I do believe. But this faith and belief that I talk of lies in me. I have Faith in ME... I believe in ME...