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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

The Feminist in me is uncomfortable today...

What does feminism mean to you? Has it taken a weird connotation today where it is simply a misdirected, misguided aggression? I am a married woman, working from home and I love to take care of my home and do my share of chores while passing on a big chunk to the hired help. Does that make me regressive?

Sometimes I feel pressurized by this new age feminism that tells me to do certain things certain ways and puts me in a severely uncomfortable position. Achieving the exact opposite of what it was meant to, to begin with. When feminism puts down these rules for me, it actually transforms into another unhealthy form of chauvinism, a dangerous one, which is disguised and is sneaky. You wouldn’t know how miserably you are stuck until it is really late.

For me feminism has to take me to the proverbial place of peace and comfort of being myself (whatever that may be). If I want to put on make-up, if I want to cook for my man or if I want to be at home and do nothing, feminism should give me the comfort and support to do exactly that. I understand the women’s lib part quite well and I support the women who want to break gender barriers and build a life that they covet. But my problem is with feminists who judge me for doing what I want to do, if it is different from their definition of a “new age woman”.

I am a feminist when I am choosing home over my career, I am a feminist when I am taking care of my family and I sure am a feminist when I am cooking and cleaning and keeping my house the way I want it.

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